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Metal Prints

Jupiter Inlet Split 0 Z8 A1109 10 11 Tonemapped Cropped

On this page you will find information regarding the surface & mounting options available for our metal prints. When ordering "White Gloss" & "Frame Mount" are selected automatically because they're the most popular option. If you have questions call 561-704-7804 or fill out the contact form below and we will get back with you shortly . Thank you!


White Gloss


This is the most popular surface option that most artists use. The smooth glossy finish and the pure white background gives every piece a luxurious feel. This option gives the appearance that the print is behind glass without the overwhelming glare effect from acrylic prints. 


For those who wish to have a sleek hi end look without the shine, go with a Matte White option. It's Ideal for my wildlife collection. It is also a great option for art pieces being displayed near a window or entry point where glare from a light source is a concern.

White Matte
White Gloss Ext


The same look as our standard White Gloss option but specially formulated for outdoor use. Our EXTERIOR METAL PRINTS are guaranteed to last at least 3 years outdoors and are graffiti and chemical resistant. Graffiti and other marks will wipe off using a standard microfiber cloth and denatured alcohol. The EXTERIOR option is perfect for prints that will be displayed outdoors or near a window that will get a lot of direct sun. Perfect for outdoor signage and art displays. Combine the hardiness of the standard aluminum print with the sun protection properties for the most resilient print in the world.

Mount Options


The box mount is an excellent option for prints smaller than 20" x 30". It made entirely of aluminum the box mount floats your prints 3/4" off the wall and requires only a single nail or screw for hanging. The box mount is the easiest and most practical way to hang our metal prints.

Box Mount Back And Front Small
Frame Mount Vp Small


The frame mount sits your print 3/4" off the wall. This option gives a slightly better appearance. Frame mounts include all hanging hardware including cleat, screws and level to ensure proper hanging.


How do I place an order?

Each image in the galleries has the ability to select options and add them to the cart.

What surface option should I select?

If this is your first time ordering, you most likely want to go with our white gloss option. This is by far our most popular option and if you have ever seen a metal print from an art show or gallery, this is likely what you have seen. Our White Matte option is just as nice, but without the glossy glare. White matte is better suited for areas where direct sunlight interferes with viewing a piece of art on the wall. Our Silver options offer a cool "metallic" effect in that it will replace all whites in your image with the silver of the aluminum. Understand that the silver prints will appear a bit darker and will cause your colors to shift. Its best to add a 10% added brightness to your photos and a slight bump in saturation to compensate for this surface option.

What is your typical turnaround time?

Our turnaround time depends on how busy we currently are and the size of your order. Typically, we ship your order within 1 week after your order is placed but can take up to 2 weeks if we are especially busy or if your order is larger than normal or requires special instruction.

General Questions

What Process does Shiny Prints use for metal prints?

We use Dye Sublimation on high-quality ChromaLuxe aluminum panels. The ChromaLuxe aluminum is the highest quality aluminum panel made specifically for dye sublimation. What makes a ChromaLuxe panel superior to everything else is its high quality coating that absorbs the ink and results in a HD print that can't be matched by any other printing medium.

What is Dye Sublimation?

Dye sublimation is when an image is first printed on a special transfer paper using specially made dye sub inks. The print transfer is then placed on top of the aluminum panel where it is pressed with a heat press at 400 degrees. This allows the inks to turn into a gas and become absorbed into the polyester coating surface of the aluminum panel. The end result is a vivid print that almost has a 3D feel to it.

Why we use Dye Sublimation instead of printing directly on the aluminum?

We want to achieve the greatest results possible. We explored every kind of process for producing a high definition aluminum print, and the dye sublimation process using a specific type of aluminum gave us by far and away the highest quality print that we can be proud of to offer our customers.

Why should I choose a Metal Print over a standard canvas or paper print?

A metal print outshines any other printing medium in terms of quality and durability. Besides the clarity of an image on a Shiny Print, it is also waterproof, scratch resistant and will outlast any other type of print. Metal Prints also do not need to be put into a frame and can be hanged in places where other prints are not ideal such as a bathroom or other areas where moisture is a concern.

What makes your prints different than other metal printing labs?

The quality of our prints is unmatched. We understand what our clients are looking for and are willing to work with each individual to ensure complete satisfaction.


My print was damaged during shipment, how can I receive a replacement?

This rarely happens but If your print arrived damaged, please take pictures of the actual damage to the print as well as a picture of the shipping box. Email these photos along with your order number to and we will make sure to send out a replacement right away.